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English-Hindi > accusingly" sentence in Hindi

accusingly in a sentence

1.Some simply stand and weep or glare accusingly at the Kremlin.

2.And there are all those envelopes piled up accusingly on the chair.

3.He pointed to it accusingly from the dining room.

4.Pfeiffer said, brandishing an index finger accusingly.

5.Mom ducked her head in and sniffed accusingly.

6.Among the flower beds, a copper statue of Lenin points accusingly at the future.

7."You ? " says the owner accusingly, standing in the doorway.

8.Before dying, Joffrey points accusingly at Tyrion, who is examining the dropped goblet.

9.I glared at my parents accusingly.

10."You are your magazine, " says Maya accusingly in the pilot episode.

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