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English-Hindi > accusingly" sentence in Hindi

accusingly in a sentence

31.It doesn't help that once on the ship he experiences scary flashbacks _ she keeps looking at him accusingly through gouged-out eyes.

32.No Panic ( in Public ) Publicly at least, Peter Angelos is taking his team's expensive failure philosophically and calmly, not accusingly and angrily.

33.At one point, in what becomes an interminable ending, Claire accusingly screams at Norman, " There's a presence in our house !"

34.Autumn offered no free time to cut back, tidy up, or mulch, and my garden is filled with brown stalks that stare at me accusingly every morning.

35.The sleeve cover is a black-and-white caricature of a policeman pointing his finger accusingly, encapsulating the idea of being'caught by the fuzz '.

36.No, everyone has said, very accusingly : " You ( ital ) are ( ital ) going to wear a helmet, aren't you ?"

37."A black hole _ the most destructive thing in the universe, and you've created one, " navigator Joely Richardson says accusingly to scientist Sam Neill.

38.Standing outside the high school after voting, he pointed accusingly at a campaign poster that showed the Sinn Fein president, Gerry Adams, whose party is close to the IRA.

39.Catching her having sex with another man, Bowfinger ( Martin ), one of her many lovers, accusingly says to Daisy, " You slept with him !"

40.She finds an e-mail concerning a story he has written called " The Ice Princess " and believes that he is writing a story about her and leaves him accusingly.

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