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English-Hindi > accusingly" sentence in Hindi

accusingly in a sentence

21.After bounding onstage, Hanks turned to Meigs, fixed him with a look and said accusingly : " Thanks.

22."Did Dad say you could play with his Palm Pilot ? " she asked, eyeing the eBook accusingly.

23.Rigor mortis had set in and one of the women's arm was rigidly aloft, her finger pointed almost accusingly.

24.My laptop answers my phone, books my airline travel and blares accusingly when I'm in danger of missing an appointment.

25.Follows a middle-aged man throughout his daily life who is haunted by images of a young boy staring accusingly at him.

26.They point accusingly to Blair's courtship of Murdoch on Hayman Island off the coast of Australia before the general election last year.

27."You tried, in fact, not to let anyone else know about this relationship ? " a prosecutor asked accusingly.

28.Their fingers remain pointed, accusingly, at NBA officials who they ( and Nader ) believe robbed Sacramento of a Game 6 victory.

29."What exactly are you trying to do ? " his mother ( Genevieve Bujold ) asks accusingly within minutes of his arrival.

30.The girlfriend then comes to the door, only to see the band looking accusingly at her, and it ends with the lights dimming.

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