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English-Hindi > accusingly" sentence in Hindi

accusingly in a sentence

41.The museum restaurant, accusingly named " Chapter One, " attracts a steady clientele of procrastinating young writers discussing works that hopefully soon will at least progress to chapter two.

42.Men fear that women will come back " like a missile out of the night, " as Sen . Alan Simpson said accusingly to Anita Hill, and boil their bunnies.

43.Suddenly there is a piercing scream back of the green door and you clutch the sleeve of a nurse who is rustling by, and cry accusingly : " Why is he screaming?

44.And once again, I'm standing behind someone who wants to pay for cornflakes in Euros or discuss the fine print of the 25 cents-off coupon he waves accusingly at the clerk.

45.:: I don't really like your personal comments but they are reflective of the kind of thing that is thrown accusingly at anyone who suggests the article is a little bit one sided.

46.He gets mad when his teen daughter's boyfriend finds her hidden wire while groping her, then accusingly turns to his other daughter : " You were supposed to be her backup !"

47.Still, the parents and siblings never speak up, and the story ends as it began : with the others sitting at the other side of the parlor and looking at Agnes, silently and accusingly.

48.When he comes on to a woman at a bar, and she accusingly says, " You've been drinking all day, " he isn't thrown back on his own remorse.

49."Two Cigarettes " is not devoid of cruelty : a woman bangs a man into a wall; a man spills water on the floor and treats a woman accusingly like a dog who has transgressed.

50.Will they set up sandwich detectors similar to those infernal machines at airports that beep accusingly until you have removed your pocket change, money clip, watch, eyeglasses, ballpoint pen, wedding ring and belt buckle?

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