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English-Hindi > badinage" sentence in Hindi

badinage in a sentence

21.The president and his staff clearly enjoyed the badinage during their couple of hours with the celebrities after days of talking policy with the Russians.

22.But, very surprisingly, Arthur does not seem to care a bit about the gay badinage going on between his fianc�e and the pugilist.

23.Over the years he has honed his social skills, but by his own admission, he is still no David Letterman in the badinage department.

24.Lamos often emphasizes the Coward-ish aspect, flavoring the work's semantic volleys with the lightness and crispness of drawing-room badinage.

25.(Warning : The preceding column may have been infected with the Bombay2K virus, which employs clever masking badinage to deliver its deadly payload of vitriol.

26.Or they can wince at some of the first-name badinage and issue shorthand that seems to threaten Washington life with becoming an adjunct of television pretense.

27.It then enjoyed a renaissance after the jokes became a regular part of the badinage on " Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In ".

28.The chummy Euros went on to win that match by a decisive margin of 4 and 3, but Love didn't put much stock in the badinage theory.

29.While celebrating brittle badinage as a comic art form and willful superficiality as the ultimate revenge on a cold cruel world, it makes its garrulous, dissembling aristocrats look ridiculous.

30.There really was a lot more going on during a long day of golf at The Belfry Friday, and we're not just talking about the badinage, either.

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