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English-Hindi > badinage" sentence in Hindi

badinage in a sentence

41.Oh, there has been considerable badinage about the Yankees'467th consecutive world championship, but most of it has been good-natured, and _ if you can imagine this from Yankees fans _ even containing a glimmer of humor.

42.Ustinov, who turned 75 on April 16, said he was enjoying the " pleasant badinage " of the film, even though, " I've not really been part of the Laura Ashley syndrome ."

43.Maybe Starbucks, with its long lines of over-mellowed folk-rockers trying to down enough caffeine to jump-start their dance glands, is the place to exchange some enlightened neo-postfeminist badinage with a member of the opposite sex.

44.Shifting from well-staged action sequences to bouts of chamber badinage, " Brotherhood " never takes a breath, with gruesome assaults of the beast thrown in because apparently the director felt there wasn't enough blood in the picture.

45.And though the possibility of sex exists from the journey's outset, male badinage at first prevails _ specifically, the boys'shared " top secret " manifesto about drugs and sex, the twin activities that animate their lives.

46.Similarly Philip French in " The Observer " tempered his praise for the film by highlighting " some lazy repetition " and argued, " the badinage is often perfunctory and Bond is as usual captured too easily and too easily escapes ".

47.Steps away from the debate hall-- across a road and a parking lot-- unfolded a very different scene, as thousands of journalists and scores of campaign aides, party officials and congressmen analyzed, declaimed and chuckled in a froth of commentary, reportage and badinage.

48.In this latter respect, Jameson was splendidly equipped; he had greater power of concentration, of logical reasoning, and of rapid diagnosis, while on his lighter side he was brilliant in repartee and in the exercise of a badinage that was both cynical and personal . ..

49.Cosby also occasionally slipped in bits of his comic routines during his improvised badinage with Culp . ( In one episode Scott, being interrogated under the influence of drugs, says his name is Fat Albert . ) Many details of Cosby's life were also written into his character.

50.Sragow says, " Hill has been known throughout his career for defining character through action rather than psychological badinage, but he knew that this movie would be more of a character piece than a plot picture, and he wanted a writer who'd challenge his own habits and assumptions.

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