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English-Hindi > badinage" sentence in Hindi

badinage in a sentence

31.Second, if you're still foolishly clinging to that bizarre concept of honesty and morality, try checking out news groups, those bulletin boards of badinage, banter and bull.

32.In fact the judge _ who, with the trial having suddenly picked up speed, appears to have reverted to a more mellow mien _ seemed more bemused than outraged by the badinage.

33.The movie was written and produced by Aaron Reed, a former dancer, and its sophisticated, sexually loaded badinage ( both gay and straight ) has an insider's show business knowingness.

34.Bad enough your golf isn't up to par, but it's even worse when one of the reasons you lose is that you're not up to snuff in the badinage department.

35.It was an enchanting show & and the badinage was warm and delightful . . . a fun night, and to take out of context a line or here or there could not convey the whole.

36.Yet Ms . Wolfe, a former actress and dance teacher, has all but singlehandedly kept the orchestra going by her relentless and zany badgerings of officials and benefactors and by her disarming penchant for bawdy badinage.

37.For 30 minutes minus commercials, we wend our way from production office to control room and back again, auditing the snappy badinage of smart, confused, ambitious people who all have better jobs than we do.

38.I shall miss these weekly outings, demurely slanging my betters in print, meekly exchanging fond compliments with readers both approving and indignant, indulging in respectful badinage with my fine editors, having a bit of fun.

39.The movie itself evolves in reverse, starting life as a moderately clever grab bag of high-concept noodling and half-witty badinage before descending into the primordial ooze of explosions and elaborate lower-intestinal gags.

40.A tale of a perfect child who tries to change the world by committing random acts of kindness, " Forward " is a Springtime-for-Hitlerish collision of bad acting, bad direction and bad badinage.

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