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English-Hindi > beano" sentence in Hindi

beano in a sentence

11.And they weren't even throwing in the Beano.

12.What's that they say about Beano the medication?

13.I would expect the same next time from Beano Cook.

14.ESPN analyst Beano Cook said the big schools have a distinct advantage.

15.It's been around longer than Beano Cook for a reason.

16.The Beano Specials returned in 2003, and were now published seasonally.

17.His story in the 2011 Beano Annual was drawn by Tom Paterson.

18.Some of these had previously appeared in other Beano strips.

19.GlaxoSmithKline sold Beano and 16 other brands to Prestige Brands in 2012.

20.This formerly had a theme based on Billy Whizz of The Beano.

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