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English-Hindi > beano" sentence in Hindi

beano in a sentence

21.Beano nearly misses the set when a stalker-groupie demands sex.

22.In January 2010 David Lashmar reopened Beanos as STUFF marketplace.

23.Andy Fanton is currently writing Little Plum in The Beano.

24.In 1980, The Beano reached a landmark 2000th issue.

25.Another landmark issue was met in 2008 where The Beano turned 70.

26.We also invited Beano Cook ( ESPN commentator ).

27.Right now they only have high-stakes Beano.

28.College football analyst Beano Cook, 3 p . m . ESPN . com

29.Ask analyst Beano Cook what he thinks of Georgia Tech's chances.

30.-- Get Butter-Beano Cook off my TV screen, please.

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