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English-Hindi > beano" sentence in Hindi

beano in a sentence

41.Dennis and Gnasher have remained mascots of " The Beano ".

42.They asked the Beano readers to send in their ideas for the strip.

43.Similar edits and new page creations related to The Beano and The Dandy.

44.Suddenly, Beano Cook seemed like a genius.

45.Benson said he was heartened by comments Saturday night from ESPN analyst Beano Cook.

46.Affable drummer Beano ( Timothy Spall ) remains recklessly crazy after all these years.

47.That's one for you, Beano.

48.This logo had been used in the Beano Club for one issue in 2006.

49.In the issue dated 28 January 2012, The Beano's cover changed.

50.This was explained in a March 2007 Beano.

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