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English-Hindi > beano" sentence in Hindi

beano in a sentence

31.I'm not sure how Beano Cook voted.

32."The Beano Book " ( D . C . Thomson)

33."The Beano Book " ( D . C . Thompson)

34.This style was also seen on the cover of the 1965 Beano book.

35.In the 2012 Beano Annual, their strip was drawn by David Sutherland.

36.In the 2003 Beano annual, his strip was drawn by Richard Elson.

37.Biffo returned again in 2013 in the Funsize Funnies pages of the Beano.

38.Beano ( dietary supplement ) is a product which claims to reduce tooting.

39.Too short to stuff my wisdom into of course but might fit Beano.

40.The narrator thinks Beano winks at him, but isn't sure.

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