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English-Hindi > carpus" sentence in Hindi

carpus in a sentence

11.The carpus has a dense cluster of cups, in six or seven irregular, transverse rows.

12.It and its two neighbors are tied to the carpus by the interlocking shapes of the metacarpal bones.

13.As the thumb is brought into action, these two muscles must coordinate to keep the trapezium stable in the carpus,

14.The chelipeds are greenish with the fingers brownish orange, while the articulations between palm, carpus and merus are brownish.

15.The carpus has a small triangular spine on the outer and upper end, curving towards the movable finger ( dactyl ).

16.In tetrapods, the "'carpus "'is the sole cluster of bones in the wrist between the tarsus.

17.Failure of the fracture to heal ( " non-union " ) will lead to post-traumatic osteoarthritis of the carpus.

18.The carpus and metacarpus form the " wrist " and " hand " of the bird, and the digits are fused together.

19.Often colourful, they have a squarish appearance and have two transverse pectinated crests on the upper edge of the male chelar carpus.

20.No carpus elements are present, but the right manus is fairly well preserved and all three digits of the hand are separated and independent.

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