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English-Hindi > carpus" sentence in Hindi

carpus in a sentence

21.On the legs the second chelipeds have the Carpus shorter than palm, movable dactyls with a single large tooth at midlength of the dactyl.

22.The second legs are equal in shape, sometimes somewhat unequal in size; they reach with the chela or part of the carpus beyond the scaphocerite.

23.The major first pereopod ( the snapping claw ) is very large, with the palm ( carpus ) more than twice as long as the fingers.

24.The monophyly of the group is debated, although several synapomorphies characterize the clade, including extremely slender limbs, a compact carpus and an elongate coracoid process.

25.A short spine above the eye and the angled articulation of the second chelae with the carpus differentiate the California freshwater shrimp from other shrimp that occur California.

26.The palm of the minor first pereopod ( the feeding claw ) is less than twice as long as it is wide, with the fingers shorter than the carpus.

27.In essence, the accessory check ligaments act as tension bands, they stabilize the carpus ( called the " knee " in horses ), fetlock and bones of the foot.

28.The cheliped is lightly granular; merus with sharp subdistal spine; carpus irregular dorsally, with a sharp inner tooth; propodus with some small tubercles dorsally and lacking a distal spine.

29.The cheliped merus has a sharp spine subdistally and with a distal dorsal spine; carpus roughened dorsally, with distal outer spine, denticulate anterior margin, and strong and slender distal spine.

30.""'Eumunida chani " "'is a species of branchial margin which bears two spines, and the carpus of its first pereopod carrying only two spines.

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