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English-Hindi > comecon" sentence in Hindi

comecon in a sentence

1.Raba was a major truck manufacturer, supplying the COMECON countries.

2.This accord marked Comecon's official recognition of the EEC.

3."We have no intention to build another Comecon,"

4.The two economies once were linked in the Soviet Comecon trading bloc.

5.July 1972 _ Cuba joins Comecon, Soviet-led economic bloc.

6.Despite continued pressure from the Soviets to join COMECON, Vietnam declined.

7.International barter helped preserve the Comecon countries'scarce hard currency reserves.

8.Comecon had no supranational authority to make decisions or to implement them.

9.Comecon sought to attract the participation of developing countries in its activities.

10.In June 1956 Ochab attended a Comecon gathering of leaders in Moscow.

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