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English-Hindi > comecon" sentence in Hindi

comecon in a sentence

21.Within Comecon, there were occasional struggles over just how this system should work.

22.On the economic front, Comecon was rediscovered.

23.Thus, reducing indebtedness to the West also became a top priority within Comecon.

24."' Interflug hub at Berlin Sch�nefeld Airport, focusing on Comecon countries.

25.Other countries in Comecon also received subcontractor orders.

26._July 11, 1972 : Cuba joins Comecon, Soviet-led economic bloc.

27.Foreign trade with Comecon nations grew substantially.

28.As a result, Comecon economies generally showed strong growth in the mid-1970s.

29.The 1985 program provided a general framework for Comecon's new direction of development.

30.Western specialists have debated the political motivation of this implicit price subsidy to Comecon members.

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