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English-Hindi > comecon" sentence in Hindi

comecon in a sentence

31.Until 1971, he was Hungary's permanent representative on the council of Comecon.

32.Although Mongolia and Vietnam later gained full membership, China stopped attending Comecon sessions after 1961.

33.Each country appointed one permanent representative to maintain relations between members and Comecon between annual meetings.

34.Socialist economic integration or " plan coordination " formed the basis of Comecon's activities.

35.Soviet domination of Comecon was a function of its economic, political, and military power.

36.More than two-thirds of the foreign trade continued to be with Comecon member states.

37.In 1985, almost 78 % of total Czechoslovak foreign trade turnover was with Comecon members.

38.The reform is considered as " the most radical postwar change " of any Comecon country.

39.It was a four-star hotel and mainly served for the accommodation of Comecon representatives.

40.Robur trucks were not only deployed in the COMECON area, but in several overseas countries.

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