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English-Hindi > comecon" sentence in Hindi

comecon in a sentence

11.Since 1949 the Soviet Union has traded primarily with other Comecon members.

12.Albanians no longer took part in Warsaw Pact activities or Comecon agreements.

13.Geography, therefore, no longer united Comecon members.

14.It coordinated the national economic plans of Comecon members.

15.Comecon joined together 450 million people in 10 countries and on 3 continents.

16.The three underdeveloped Comecon members had a special relationship with the other seven.

17.In 1973 Comecon decided to draw up a general plan incorporating these measures.

18.In the 1980s, Comecon sessions were held on their regular annual schedule.

19.Delegations from each Comecon member country attended these meetings.

20.Since 1985 Gorbachev has called for an increase in trade with Comecon members.

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