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English-Hindi > daffodil" sentence in Hindi

daffodil in a sentence

21.The crocus are starting to come up, and the daffodils.

22.They stay away from daffodils, but tulips are a delicacy.

23.In the adjacent Farndale Valley wild daffodils bloom around Easter time.

24.In the beginning, only 10 types of daffodils were displayed.

25.Set clumps of daffodils under the ancestral apple tree and so on.

26.He admits to being addicted to daffodils without knowing their botanical names.

27.His penis is very big, shaped like a daffodil,

28.For the month of March brings more than plum blossoms and daffodils.

29.A neighbor tells me she paid $ 15 each for daffodil bulbs.

30.Daffodils will be everywehere, and the island is festive.

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