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English-Hindi > daffodil" sentence in Hindi

daffodil in a sentence

41.Compare that to the robust regenerative strategy of the daffodil.

42.A daffodil can survive one or two bad growing seasons.

43.Both Jenny and February Gold belong to a daffodil division called cyclamineus.

44.It's now popular to naturalize daffodils in grass.

45.Then it came to him : Plant a million daffodils.

46.All daffodils can be called narcissus, and vice versa.

47.The package was adorned with daffodils, daisies and irises.

48.We named it for my father, who loved daffodils,

49.Guests, including many victims'relatives, were given yellow daffodils.

50.The daffodil and the leek are also symbols of Wales.

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