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English-Hindi > daffodil

daffodil meaning in Hindi

noun plural: daffodils   
daffodil sentence in Hindi
1.And where does Udell find his " daffodils "?

2.You can get 100 for about $ 35 from Daffodil Mart.

3.Juniper, ajuga, carnation, daylilies, daffodils, tulips.

4.And beyond the roses and daffodils, others do pay tribute.

5.Market economic principles are popping up everywhere like daffodils in spring.

6.Daffodils are deer-proof and rodent-proof, too.

7.You're pushing up spring daffodils . ( end italics)

8.Can you tell me why my daffodils won't bloom?

9.Tulips and daffodils tilted sideways under smothering veils of wet snow.

10.Today, Ellis'daffodils are a must-see attraction.

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any of numerous varieties of Narcissus plants having showy often yellow flowers with a trumpet-shaped central crown
Synonyms: Narcissus pseudonarcissus,

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