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English-Hindi > dalmatian" sentence in Hindi

dalmatian in a sentence

31.When we came to " 101 Dalmatians,"

32.A puppy-hungry Glenn Close ( " 101 Dalmatians ).

33.Banking on the probable success of " 101 Dalmatians,"

34.The original " 101 Dalmatians " was re-released.

35.For Dalmatians, expenses tend to be higher than average.

36.Where there are no Dalmatians, you'd see Curious George.

37.The vendor shouted, " 101 Dalmatians for sale !"

38.And he is even interested in seeing the Dalmatians movie.

39.The quarter's releases included " 101 Dalmatians,"

40.The third returning group winner is the Dalmatian, Ch.

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