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English-Hindi > dalmatian" sentence in Hindi

dalmatian in a sentence

41.No one can accuse the Dalmatian community of hard sell.

42.It also will sell a " 101 Dalmatians"

43."101 Dalmatians " and " Evita ."

44."Hercules " and " 101 Dalmatians ."

45.In the movie, the Dalmatians are cute and fun.

46.Dalmatians need basic obedience training and room to exercise, breeders say.

47.Fitzgerald protested the inclusion of Mattel's 101 Dalmatians dog dolls.

48.It's going to be like what happened to the Dalmatians.

49."101 Dalmatians " and " Flubber ."

50.The Budweiser Dalmatians'sibling rivalry, well, was nothing special.

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