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English-Hindi > damnably" sentence in Hindi

damnably in a sentence

21.But to expect them to tolerate this situation any longer when the authorities do not appear to be doing their best to alleviate, if not resolve, their burden is damnably unfair.

22.That's the kind of attitude that can make these stories bearable, which is necessary in the face of what they are : cave paintings of the damned and the damnably nonchalant.

23.Interviewed fifty-five years after the event he said " The first 2000 feet passed very quickly and terra firma looked damnably'firma'" But the Camel continued on its loop.

24.The issues are damnably difficult, and Netanyahu, out of his residual uneasiness with Oslo and because of the frailty of his political support, will be tempted to drag out every contentious point.

25.Or maybe the thickets of bureaucracy may have proven damnably difficult for the authorities to sniff out the fact that the logging activities in this particular place would have caused some kind of environmental damage.

26.:While I hate to give credit to any intentional Wikipedia hoax / inaccuracy, that one was actually damnably inventive .-- The Confessor 00 : 45, 25 December 2005 ( UTC)

27.The practical expression of this is encapsulated in the phrase " public interest ", which is often denigrated by the very people who serve, and should serve damnably well, the public.

28.Guinevere and her Lancelot, whom Arthur later inducts into the Round Table for his gallantry, try to deny their feelings for each other, if for no other reason than Arthur is so damnably decent and clueless.

29.Whatever its more intricate failings, " A Man in Full " is blessed with full-throttle momentum; there is scarcely a moment in the novel that isn't _ wicked Wolfe _ damnably absorbing.

30.If the plot peters out near the end, the film's air of hopefulness lingers; it's hard to condemn a movie for narrative drawbacks when its characters are so well-etched and so damnably sympathetic.

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