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English-Hindi > damnably" sentence in Hindi

damnably in a sentence

41."If Maine Yankee Atomic Power Company is trying to earn the public trust, they have a damnably poor way of going about it, " said Shadis, who had not heard of the talks even though he is a member of the community advisory panel assisting Maine Yankee in shutdown procedures.

42.On the way to this climax, we are treated to Falstaff, who has " misused the King's press damnably ", not only by taking money from able-bodied men who wished to evade service but by keeping the wages of the poor souls he brought instead who were killed in battle ( " food for powder, food for powder " ).

43.The wonder is that he didn't instead cover " Never Can Say Goodbye . " Though Brent is first seen in " The Office Special, " a faux-documentary that purports to behold the fallout of the original faux-documentary series, complaining about reality-television's damnably deceptive editing practices, he has nonetheless agreed to return to preen for the cameras anew.

44.That will butt up against the tall infoboxes, while letting the text stay in the left margin, without pinching per the MOS . Because different browsers render pages in different orders, it is best used in conjunction with the antibunching fix template which prevents the corner to corner alignment issues which can occur . . . mainly evincing on that most damnably common of browser families, Internet Explorer.

45.King Henry IV passed the " De Heretico Comburendo " statute in 1401, which recited in its preamble that it was directed against a certain new sect " who thought damnably of the sacraments and usurped the office of preaching . " It empowered the bishops to arrest, imprison, and examine offenders and to hand over to the secular authorities such as had relapsed or refused to abjure.

46.Tubby's late-blooming affinity for his despondent mentor ( even the titles of " Fear and Trembling " and " The Concept of Dread " put a twinkle in his step ) is the real ballast of " Therapy " : In its delight STORY IN fully unself-important way, the novel lives in the center of humanity's damnably untouchable malaise.

47.The somewhat simplified struggles of a government scholar in the past-study hard, earn a degree and voila, return home to an awaiting job-have given way to new hardships : less cushy seats to be occupied in the public sector, a competitive and tight employment market and an economy which does not readily allow a newly set up business enterprise to take off without a slew of damnably difficult obstacles.

48.I oppose the policy of America now-or that of the powers which have my unfortunate country in thralls-as I have always opposed the English policy which dictated it, because I knew it to be hopelessly, damnably wrong . . . The ultimatum presented to Wilson from Wall Street and the war profiteers, and its acceptance, constitute the most infamous betrayal of a nation that the world has ever seen ."

49.I am told they are a terror to All the Soldiers & Sailors about Halifax a few nights ago a boats Crew from the Rainbow was ashore & Committing some disorders & Riots in One of the Houses w'ch the Grenadiers frequent a party of them came in immediately beat the Sailors damnably and each of them took one upon his back threw them into their boat like so many bags of wool launched the boat & set them adrift.

50.It's not a reaction to be ashamed of, but it is one that misses the whole point of " The Pianist " : To watch voicelessly as the world goes mad in order to reclaim your voice another day is to put up a damnably good fight .---THE PIANIST 3 1 / 2 stars ( R : violence, intolerance, language ) Starring : Adrien Brody, Thomas Kretschmann, Frank Finlay, Maureen Lipman.

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