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English-Hindi > damnably" sentence in Hindi

damnably in a sentence

31.On one occasion during the war Belloc is known to have confidentially told G . K . Chesterton, with whom he was friendly, that " it is sometimes necessary to lie damnably in the interests of the nation ".

32.Damnably Records began in Forest Gate on Salisbury Road and many of its bands including Shonen Knife, Geoff Farina, Chris Brokaw, Wussy stayed or visited there while on tour and Kath Bloom played a house concert there in 2011.

33.The book is also sprinkled with quotes such as this one from " The Late George Apley " by J . P . Marquand : " Marriage . . . is a damnably serious business, particularly around Boston ."

34.She starred in a CBS movie last week, has a Lifetime documentary called " The Changing Face of Beauty " coming Sunday, and then there's those damnably ubiquitous " Nickel Nights " phone commercials she does .)

35.With longtime Friend of Bill Harry Thomason serving as cowriter and codirector ( with Nickolas Perry ), the documentary's sympathies are right out where everyone can see them . " Hunting " is damnably convincing nevertheless, and that's what matters.

36.On asphalt, the V6 under the bonnet seems " adequate " _ to use Mitsubishi's own, damnably faint praise _ with acceleration from 0 to 60 miles per hour in about 12 seconds and towing capacity of 5, 000 pounds.

37.He wrote, perhaps unreliably, to one of his friends that " my mistress is DAMNABLY TOO FOND OF ME " and sent him lock of her hair, wch has lain at night on his breast  wd to God it could do so legally!

38.To Havers, Lynley is " a miraculous combination of every single thing that she thoroughly despised " and " so damnably charming that she couldn't understand why every criminal . . . simply didn't surrender to accommodate him ."

39.In Oliver Goldsmith's " She Stoops to Conquer " ( 1773 ), a misunderstanding is discovered and young Marlow finds that he has been mistaken; he cries out, " So then, all's out, and I have been damnably imposed on.

40.I scented it out, and it smells damnably strong in her, or else I lost my sense of smell . " Just as the crowd is about to dismiss her performance as terrible, young Georges Hugon shouts : " Tr�s chic ! " From then on, she owns the audience.

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