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English-Hindi > darwinian" sentence in Hindi

darwinian in a sentence

11."It's Darwinian, " he said.

12.This account of events became an instant hit with Darwinian advocates.

13.The vote removed questions on the Darwinian theory from state assessments.

14.Many biologists argue Darwinian evolution provides a good definition of life.

15.And he compares free will to Darwinian evolution and natural selection:

16.Amidst the Darwinian revolution, she had her pupils learn geology.

17.By 1982, Botting had accepted Darwinian evolution as indisputable fact.

18.It has been described as Darwinian rather than Lamarckian conceptual evolution.

19.Reinheimer was a critic of Darwinian view of struggle for existence.

20.But such decisions are more often made in a perversely Darwinian way.

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