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English-Hindi > darwinian" sentence in Hindi

darwinian in a sentence

41.Krauskopf accepted the scientific legitimacy of evolution and Darwinian theory.

42.Goodman called this the first " hard evidence of Darwinian evolution ".

43.See Natural _ selection # Pre-Darwinian _ theories.

44.Evolutionary computation is a computational paradigm inspired by Darwinian evolution.

45.Darwinian Ape let me know this on my talk page.

46.I notice your edit summary for Darwinian Ape's post says.

47.The paper argues that Darwinian theories of creative hypothesis formation are misguided.

48.One of the practical insights of Darwinian medicine concerns the treatment of symptoms.

49."It's a Darwinian approach, " he said.

50.It looks like the Darwinian struggle of life with the CEO on top.

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