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English-Hindi > darwinian" sentence in Hindi

darwinian in a sentence

21.This is a Darwinian evolution going on in one patient.

22.By a cold Darwinian reckoning, their beauty is deceptive.

23.This Darwinian struggle has its roots in two evolutionary shifts.

24."We don't see this as a Darwinian struggle.

25.The discipline applies Darwinian principles to seek the roots of human behavior.

26.And in a Darwinian world, this culture will prevail.

27.Life doesn't get much more Darwinian than that.

28.But that's a function of today's Darwinian politics.

29.Others view the popularity of cyberreligion in less Darwinian terms.

30.The anti-Darwinians are incensed by the metaphors of the Darwinians.

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