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English-Hindi > folderol" sentence in Hindi

folderol in a sentence

11.But mostly it's slapstick, an eight-minute serving of welcome folderol.

12.Watching this folderol from a great emotional distance is Tony Kubek, the former Yankee announcer.

13.The sooner we stop pretending, the sooner businesses will stop fooling us with natural folderol.

14.What we need to see from the Europeans is some tangible actions and not just diplomatic folderol.

15.ESPN Classic's digital folderol is an experiment, and may or may not be repeated.

16.They can be washed, cooked and eaten without all the folderol that goes with large artichokes.

17.All this textual matter passing between Clinton, Barak and Yasser Arafat has been just so much folderol.

18.For those who passionately love their work, it's a lot of guilt-inducing folderol.

19.Under all the folderol were a couple of cool draped dresses proving that Galliano is actually a couturier.

20.For a little while expressions of common humanity are sweeping away the folderol on which the commercial medium thrives.

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