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English-Hindi > folderol" sentence in Hindi

folderol in a sentence

41.We also meet a young girl with a massive uterine tumor, and witness the frustration of her parents and her doctor as they wrestle with HMO folderol.

42.The parlor, Master Billiards, presents a merciful oasis from the city's Christmas folderol : no Elvis or Bing albums crassly looping through the air.

43.Or maybe a Miele steam oven, or a Dualit Combi toaster, or any other bit of kitchen folderol that would telegraph the real message of me:

44."All this folderol reminds me of a recent movie which demonstrated that old men like me are comical as well as grumpy, " he wrote.

45.There were no requirements for hearings or committees, he said, or " any other folderol, when there are urgent questions of action to be taken ."

46.Over the years, heavy metal has been beaten and battered, dismissed as high-volume, low-brainpower folderol for the disenfranchised, but it does not die.

47."We took things that were waste, that were unnecessary, the folderol that wasn't essential to carrying out the mission of a great Olympics,"

48.The AMO gang thinks it's still in the picture, but I believe the new Larry Summers administration views the Koolhaas project as arty, Rudenstine-ian folderol.

49.I would say that that claim is 70 % folderol, 20 % twaddle, and 10 % another primitive attempt to remake the world to suit its own illiterate needs.

50.Showtime, and SET, its pay-per-view arm, are happily codependent on Don King, who supplies his fighters and folderol, and has now resupplied Mike Tyson.

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