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English-Hindi > folderol" sentence in Hindi

folderol in a sentence

21.The Downing report shows that all the exculpatory Pentagon talk of unanticipated threats and unexpectedly powerful bombs is folderol.

22.My question : " Do Microsoft programmers ever do anything but waste time on useless folderol ?"

23.Often, this association is justified, but sometimes it reflects nothing more than a high quotient of folderol.

24.With Galliano's talent largely hidden under the folderol, this was one theatrical moment to be forgotten.

25.But the film would have been so much better had it dispensed with the allegorical folderol and told its stories plainly.

26.There was no attendant folderol, just baseball, the greatest game ever to spring from the mind of mortal man.

27.But to quote one of its the opening pages : " It may sound like New Age folderol ."

28.All this speaking of revolution is just folderol . + + c 12 : 17, 20 September 2006 ( UTC)

29.Lott then proceeded to accuse Democrats of creating a " political folderol " by putting worker protection above domestic protection.

30.This is an encyclopedia, not a place for " buzzworthy " folderol or statements of unconfirmed, " apparent " facts.

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