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English-Hindi > habituate" sentence in Hindi

habituate in a sentence

11.Keepers were careful to avoid habituating the bears to humans.

12.We've been habituated with Adil's tricks long enough.

13.Participants practise a learnt series of steps to habituate the calming method.

14.Six social groups have been found, two of which are habituated.

15.-- Use your stereo to gradually habituate the pet to loud noises.

16.Without realizing it, we become habituated to this false world . ..

17.It was one of DeBruyn's habituated bears.

18.We've been habituated of this dishonest method.

19.And easiest to learn for someone habituated to basic?

20.The Skanda Puranas mention that Saraswat Brahmins habituated North vindyagiri ( Kashmir ).

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