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English-Hindi > habituate" sentence in Hindi

habituate in a sentence

21.Due to the habituates to humans or is in a condition of severe starvation.

22.It is predominantly habituated by the Hindu Jats of the Sheokhand and Shokeen clan.

23.Pawarwadi is the last of human habituated areas of the village on this road.

24.The guides clearly like the gorillas, who have been slowly habituated to human contact.

25.Leaping is performed as a habituate the user and turn cursor positioning into a reflex.

26.Though over the years a large number of migrants have also come and habituated there.

27.There is published concern that people habituate to the ubiquitous noise, diminishing its effectiveness.

28.The orange one and my tabby were both huge bruisers and habituated to kicking cat butt.

29.In experimentation with unreliable signalers, individuals became habituated to incorrect calls from a specific individual.

30.Due to their stationary and often predictable nature, wildlife quickly become habituated to propane cannons.

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