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English-Hindi > habituate" sentence in Hindi

habituate in a sentence

31.It becomes habituated to the noise.

32.Once the baby is habituated, they present a second image with more or fewer objects.

33.While these devices have been shown to be successful, predators can become habituated to them.

34.You habituate to your own smell.

35."' Koya "'a scheduled tribal community habituated southern part of India.

36.However, on his returns he realises that his family is now habituate of his absence.

37.Furthermore, for those habituated to caffeine, an extra dose may have little or no effect.

38.But because you don't hear it, you cannot " habituate it ."

39.Your friend hears the word octopus but doesn't jump, because she's habituated.

40.Whereas, participants with inhibited temperaments these regions of the brain failed to habituate over repeated presentations.

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