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English-Hindi > hadji" sentence in Hindi

hadji in a sentence

1.Mustapha Hadji and Salheddine Bassir are the primary goal-scorers.

2.Morocco took its first lead on a splendid move by Hadji.

3.Goalscorer Youssef Hadji, who has three tournament goals, added:

4.Hadji received this limp while he was escaping from Akhmet Khan.

5.A 2008 Muslim conference elected Mustafa Alish Hadji as chief mufti.

6.In October 2009 another Muslim conference reelected Hadji as chief mufti.

7.From an early age, El Hadji is attracted to music.

8.Star midfielder Moustafa Hadji was equally pointed in his criticism.

9.I would be disappointed now if Hadji did not come to Coventry.

10.El Hadji Diouf also scored for the four-time European champion.

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