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English-Hindi > hadji" sentence in Hindi

hadji in a sentence

21."Hadji Hindu " and the outlawing of organized school prayer.

22.They had Hadji, Race Bannon and little Bandit as the dog ."

23.Sporting's Hadji equalized in the 64th minute.

24.Africa will be bolstered by Sporting Lisbon's Moroccan midfielder Mustapha Hadji.

25.Strachan said he started tracking Hadji after watching Morocco play against the Netherlands.

26.El Hadji Diouf ( shin infection ) is doubtful.

27.That would push Mustapha Hadji to a midfield role.

28.Last year, El Hadji Diouf of Senegal won his second straight award.

29.Hadji tapped a second goal into an empty net with only seconds left.

30.El-Hadji Pape Sarr netted the match-winner in injury time.

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