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English-Hindi > hadji" sentence in Hindi

hadji in a sentence

31.He performed several Hadji and Umra in Macca and visited Mohammed in Madinah.

32.One, Hadji Kamara, a business partner of Niangadou from Gambia, survived.

33.Lt . Col . Dimitris Hadjis, and the other four men were burned.

34.Hadji, a native of France, played eight years for French club Nancy.

35."This is a dream move for me, " said Hadji.

36.Senegal's El-Hadji Diouf said.

37.So why not the final ? " said star striker El Hadji Diouf.

38.Senegal World Cup players El-Hadji Diouf and Salif Diao also are targets.

39.El Hadji Diouf has been the star of Africa for the past two years.

40.Five minutes later, Hadji was close to heading home a cross from Zairi.

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