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English-Hindi > handbrake" sentence in Hindi

handbrake in a sentence

1.:Both WinFF and HandBrake should be able to manage that.

2.Q : How do you execute a handbrake turn in a Robin?

3.Unusually, the handbrake or emergency brake operated on the front wheels.

4.Handbrake control was changed from lever to tee-shaped pull handle.

5.The handbrake was between the driver's seat and the door.

6.I used Handbrake, but the automatic framerate made the video choppy.

7.Both of those SDs retain a conventional ratchet type handbrake.

8.The transmission brake is provided solely as a parking brake or handbrake.

9.The handbrake was floor-mounted to the side of the seat.

10.The gearchange lever was floor-mounted with the handbrake between the seats.

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