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English-Hindi > handbrake" sentence in Hindi

handbrake in a sentence

41.A lockable glovebox was added and such features as a handbrake warning light and reversing lights.

42.I tried to stop the car with the handbrake, but I was unable to find it.

43.The interior features leather trim on the seats, shift knob, steering wheel and handbrake lever.

44.In car entertainment can be fitted in the space that would have been utilised by the handbrake.

45.Cars thereafter had steel punt chassis sections, bucket seats and a floor-mounted handbrake lever.

46.Depending on the model, it can be equipped with a foot-and / or handbrake.

47.Why on earth you you move from parking with the handbrake to sitting still with the footbrake?

48.In the down position, it interferes with shifting, using the handbrake, and fastening seat belts.

49.The handbrake was operated by a lever under the dashboard in both bench and individual front seat versions.

50.A handbrake is provided which the player is encouraged to use to perform handbrake turns round sharp corners.

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