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English-Hindi > handbrake" sentence in Hindi

handbrake in a sentence

31.To stop the car, the driver used a handbrake which acted on the wheels.

32.:Of the software suggested by AvrillirvA, the easiest to use is probably Handbrake.

33.Remodelled cars feature interior effects including functional speedometers, fuel gauges and dashboard handbrake lights.

34.The railway was also equipped with new flat waggons with a handbrake on one side.

35.For stunt purposes, parallel parking can be completed in a single motion using the handbrake.

36.An electronic handbrake was also introduced, this was previously seen on the Scenic and Espace.

37.An internal bonnet release and a more conventional mounting for the handbrake were also phased in.

38.He said that they had been taught little more than how to execute a handbrake turn.

39.As with DVDs, HandBrake does not directly support the decryption of Blu-ray Discs.

40.The gear lever knob, handbrake lever, and pedals were all custom made by Sparco.

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