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English-Hindi > handbrake" sentence in Hindi

handbrake in a sentence

11.The car was fitted with a handbrake in 1907.

12.A centrally located floor mounted handbrake operated on the rear axle using bowden cables.

13.Using HandBrake for DVD ripping on macOS requires that one compile and install libdvdcss.

14.The handbrake lever was just behind the gearstick.

15.And I've also moved the details of HandBrake to its own article.

16.On any kind of steep hill you'll want to use the handbrake!

17.Separate rear brakes are fitted for the handbrake.

18.I certainly find the handbrake the easiest / simplest method on particularly steep hills.

19.Cars from 2003 to 2006 were supplied with a centre ( tunnel ) handbrake.

20.The handbrake lever was awkwardly shaped and positioned.

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