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English-Hindi > ingrain" sentence in Hindi

ingrain in a sentence

11.This is one reason, Prager writes, that religion, sincerely practiced, leads to happiness _ it ingrains the habits of thankfulness.

12.In many communities, boys are encouraged to wear a " kippah " from a young age in order to ingrain the habit.

13.His job this spring has been to ingrain that attitude in his players-- even though he has had just three weeks to do it.

14.It ingrains the principles of Ataturk, a man described in the constitution as Turkey's " immortal leader and unrivaled hero ."

15.Radio and television broadcasts from festivities in New York helped to ingrain aspects of them in American studio on the program annually until his death in 2012.

16.It is also a sign that the pope wants to ingrain in North American Catholics a stronger sense of solidarity with their brothers and sisters in the South.

17.As Elemak's rage and hatred for Nafai grow, he ingrains such feelings into his family and the digger people, laying the foundation for war.

18.Stokoe's efforts helped to ingrain American Sign Language into deaf culture and attempts to help the deaf communicate with the hearing have often been viewed with contempt.

19.It consists of two layers of paper with wood fibre in between; different kinds of ingrain wallpaper are distinguished by the size and form of the fibre pieces.

20.Lehman had to take a few weeks off because his swing was getting worse, and he feared, " I may really ingrain something bad " in it.

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