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English-Hindi > ingrain" sentence in Hindi

ingrain in a sentence

21.It is a substantive cotton dye of rather fugitive shade, but can be diazotized on the fibre and then developed with other components, yielding a series of ingrain colors.

22.The manager said he has never done anything to ingrain the Braves'system in the newcomers, but he acknowledged that he does talk to them more than the returning players.

23.It was not until the second serial, " The Daleks ", that the programme caught the imaginations of viewers and began to ingrain itself in the popular consciousness.

24."Economics should always be used in one's daily life . . . this should be something we should ingrain in our children as well, " she said.

25.Jessie Aspinall will be remembered for being one of the first female doctors in general hospitals in Australia, and whose achievements challenged ingrain cultural beliefs about the position of women within society.

26.Young tries to ingrain five simple steps in the soldiers who pass through his classroom : Stop, avoid, report, mark and " Charlie-Mike, " or continue mission.

27.Although many cotton plantations in these countries attained fair trade certification in the 1990s, participation in fair trade further ingrains existing power relations and inequalities that cause poverty in Africa rather than challenging them.

28.He said the Million Man March didn't change his life because " my parents have always tried to ingrain a positive image in me and work for the good of all ."

29.Ingrain's advances in 3D imaging technology provide oil and gas companies with comprehensive and accurate measurements of reservoir rock properties including porosity, absolute permeability, electrical conductivity, elastic properties and relative permeability.

30.After leaving the convoy at Cape Town, " Winslow " returned to the United States where she was assigned to Vice Admiral Jonas H . Ingrain's German submarines and blockade runners until April 1944.

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