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English-Hindi > ingrain" sentence in Hindi

ingrain in a sentence

41.But in the mindset of the typical white person, " welfare recipient " means " minority . " Ronald Reagan helped ingrain this attitude with his fictional Welfare Queen, who, he always pointed out, lived on the South Side of Chicago-- the black neighborhood.

42.In August 2012, Ingrain was awarded a contract by the Colombian government s National Hydrocarbons Agency ( ANH ) to digitize and characterize the high-volume of core they have in storage, providing them with critical knowledge of the sedimentary basins of Colombia in order to better assess the hydrocarbon potential.

43.The congressman said " I felt that if we didn't impeach, we'd just ingrain and stamp in our highest office a standard of conduct that's just unacceptable . " Coming from a state which had supported Nixon in 1972, he was seen as influential even with some Republicans.

44."That's one of the things that ` Pop'has been trying to ingrain in us since day one back in training camp _ in order to win, especially in the playoffs, you have to play defense, " said Perdue, who had 11 rebounds and blocked two Malone shots.

45.After two and half years of successful operations of the two products, in April 2001, the role of publishing was handed over from Media Communications to a newly registered publishing company, Mwananchi Communications Ltd . In December 2002, Nation Media Group of Kenya purchased controlling interests in the company and this has since helped to ingrain the company with world class values in editorial management including standardizing the group's editorial policies.

46.*--" " As long as Falun Gong practitioners continue to lie about their beliefs, presenting a false view of their practice to Westerners in order to gain sympathy and support in Master Li's campaign to destroy the CCP, I will speak out . " " and later " " . . . I cannot forgive the deceptive practices which Li has managed to so well ingrain in his disciples that I suspect you don't even realize when you are being deceptive . ""

47.He was offered the position on a trial basis at the beginning of October 1994, giving him just two weeks to learn two hours of highly complex music . " It's one thing going in to play for an artist with hit songs that you've heard since you were a kid, and the songs are ingrained in your mind, " Sherinian said . " It was another thing altogether going in with music you've never heard before that is totally off the charts as far as technical prowess . . . But it is amazing what one will do to ascend . . . when I was in New York at the rehearsals, I would play the songs at night over and over on a loop so that I would be subliminally programmed and it would ingrain it in my head . " Sherinian was officially asked to join the band as a full member in February 1995.

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