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English-Hindi > ingrain" sentence in Hindi

ingrain in a sentence

31.Utilizing their technologies, expertise in reservoir rock analysis, and equipment from Carl Zeiss, Ingrain will characterize thousands of meters of whole core currently being stored at ANH s National Core Repository ( Litoteca Nacional de Colombia ).

32.And although there are quick glimpses of recognition-- " Croft 18-0; Fights Tonight "-- there has been nothing to ingrain the name into the psyche of the average Bay Area sports fan.

33."People tried to ingrain in Dana's mind that he's not a point guard, and I've tried to do the opposite, teeling him that he's nothing but a point guard.

34.The cartels also seek to control the local governments to win government contracts and concessions; these " public works " help them ingrain themselves in the community and gain the loyalty and respect of the communities in which they operate.

35.Ingrain said the emergency services had given a broad welcome to the plans for a new force . " These new arrangements complement and improve existing practices for using the armed forces in support of civil contingencies, " he said.

36."I have internal goals for our coaching staff on what we want to ingrain in ( the players ), " said Rivers . " I want to see who they are before I make any goals or even have opinions about them.

37.Ingrain wallpaper was invented by German pharmacist Hugo Erfurt in 1864; marketed by the company his grandfather founded, it was first used as a decoration for shop windows, but began seeing use as a wallpaper from the 1920s on as well.

38.Lt . Col . B . L . McCoy, commanding officer of 3rd Battalion, said the training focuses on the basics _ the idea being to ingrain essential combat tasks into each Marine, so they operate efficiently in the event of war.

39.His tendency to focus on delivery promoted him to use repetition, this would ingrain the importance into the audience s minds; he also relied on speed and delay to create suspense and interest among the audience when presenting to most important aspects of his speech.

40.On All About Jazz Henry Smith noted " Blake's noir-like approach to the piano, with his open sense of harmony and time as well as the deep and beautiful melancholy which ingrains his playing, is present on all of the pieces here.

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