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English-Hindi > jailhouse" sentence in Hindi

jailhouse in a sentence

11.Kopp told The Buffalo News in a jailhouse interview published Wednesday.

12.Zeta-Jones co-stars as her conniving jailhouse rival.

13.Another, the former jailhouse, was determined eligible for listing.

14.Muggs and Glimpy then go to the jailhouse to question Danny.

15.Those comments were said to have been overheard by a jailhouse guard.

16.A young operating room nurse and a retired jailhouse nurse swap sympathies.

17.Scull is using jailhouse informants to testify that Wooten confessed to them.

18."Jailhouse Rock " met " Thriller ."

19.Some were even locked in a jailhouse built on campus.

20.The surcharge covers extra costs associated with jailhouse phone systems.

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