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English-Hindi > jailhouse" sentence in Hindi

jailhouse in a sentence

31.The jailhouse theme is carried throughout the book and its 200 recipes.

32.Ronald Kitchen was convicted based on the testimony of a jailhouse informant.

33.Witnesses, from jailhouse snitches to police officers, have testified falsely.

34.But the jailhouse killings proved too complicated to carry out.

35.By mid-afternoon, he was in jailhouse garb.

36.She says there are no jailhouse lawyers among her peers.

37.After months in an overcrowded jailhouse, he contracted tuberculosis and died.

38.D'Saachs told the Orange County Register in a jailhouse interview.

39.D'Saachs told the Register in a jailhouse interview.

40.The defense says a jailhouse informant lied at Elmore's trial.

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