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English-Hindi > jailhouse" sentence in Hindi

jailhouse in a sentence

21.INFORMATION : OK Street Jailhouse, ( 520 ) 432-7435.

22.A jailhouse accident like that could wipe out the whole Cowboys team!

23.Colson's conversion experience was not a case of jailhouse religion.

24.But the most compelling moments come in jailhouse interviews with the murderers.

25.Particularly harmful to his case was an intercepted jailhouse note to Brewer.

26.The report also documented the use of jailhouse snitches and prosecutorial misconduct.

27.Prather recalled in a two-hour jailhouse interview on Thursday morning.

28.Carruth hinted Monday about new witnesses, including jailhouse snitches.

29.In a jailhouse interview Thursday with Bennie Lee " Lucky"

30.In state prisons, jailhouse conversions usually mean a conversion to Islam.

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