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English-Hindi > karake" sentence in Hindi

karake in a sentence

21."We are not involved in any fighting with those guys, " said Col . Karenzi Karake, Rwanda's chief of military operations.

22."This has replaced inflation as the major concern, " said Zeina Karake, an associate professor of business at Catholic University of America in Washington.

23.With U . N . observers monitoring a cease-fire in the formal war, Karake can concentrate his forces on finding the rebels hidden behind the lines.

24.Those charged with murder, conspiracy and other counts were identified as Rwandan nationals Leonidas Bimenyiamana, 34; Francois Karake, 38; and Gregoire Nyaminami, 32.

25.Rwanda's chief of military operations Col . Karenzi Karake said Rwanda's nearest troops were in Kalemie, 300 kilometers ( 185 miles ) north of Moliro.

26."Our mission here is to secure Rwanda's borders, to eliminate the threat of the Interahamwe, " said Karake, whose troops continue to be attacked.

27.Karake acknowledged that neither the Congolese army nor the Congolese rebels are capable of fighting without outside support, and that Angola, Zimbabwe, Rwanda and Uganda are calling the shots.

28.Negotiations between prisoners and jail officials are to resume Monday on key issues, including providing university-level studies to detainees and removing the glass partition during visits, Karake added.

29.This is the first time people are free to put forward as a candidate and elect whomever they like, Hutu or Tutsi, " said Charles Karake, the mayor of Kigali.

30.Munir Karake, 42, a Bethlehem Muslim who celebrates Christmas with his Romanian Christian wife, said the " atmosphere feels better than last year, but still pretty bad ."

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