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English-Hindi > laboring" sentence in Hindi

laboring in a sentence

11.France Telecom is laboring under some dlrs 60 billion in debt.

12.Theoretically, Shudras have constituted the hereditary laboring class serving others.

13.He was laboring, throwing nothing but bloopers and junk ."

14.The skilled laboring in the state is what creates their manufacturing.

15.She never was in trouble despite laboring in 90-degree heat.

16.You know, you spend all this time laboring over the lyrics.

17.Arthur Rhodes is actually laboring to protect a five-run lead.

18.There is no debate that Baerga was laboring through a difficult season.

19.He's laboring a little bit when he runs ."

20.But Grange is still laboring under a singular problem : his image.

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